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From Twitter 11-14-2010

  • Ahhhh! Listening to TheOneBob's String Quartets Station on Pandora. http://ping.fm/a98An
  • Last chance to see Mindgame today @ 4. This is the moment. It's got to be now, There'll never be another time. http://www.jobsitetheater.org
  • Going to brunch with Miss Feather at The Refinery.
  • I am happy to dedicate my final barf noise AND all of my screams to my g/f, Miss Feather. :-*
  • Last scream screamed. :-(
  • Last barf barfed. :-(
  • Last painting swap and wall raising. :-(
  • Last "liver" sandwich. :-)
  • http://ping.fm/p/faG5p - It's done. Now to get on with the rest of my life.

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