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From Twitter 10-31-2010

  • Having breakfast at Tiffany's with the g/f. Mmmmm.
  • RT @GothCruise Today is the LAST day to order T-Shirts for GothCruise 7. Please order today at http://www.gothcruise.com/shirts.html
  • RT @jobsitetheater: Get tickets to today's 4p matinee of MINDGAME for just $15 when you use the promo code LIVER. Bon Appetit!
  • XM has an all Neil Diamond channel. This makes me happy. And a preemptive 'bite me' to anyone who wants to pee on my campfire.
  • I may just take myself to TBBC after the show.
  • Today's vomit noise is dedicated to the TV show on spinal surgery with actual footage of the operation.
  • I guess the actors knocked 'em dead, literally. Heard crickets in the theater at intermission.
  • Audience seems more awake In Act Two. Maybe they were pining for the fjords during Act One.
  • Heading to TBBC. NOM!
  • OMG! Radio Waves by OMD is playing at TBBC. My little heart is happy.
  • Last night no fewer than four people told me I look like Edward Norton. Saw some pics and have to agree. When did my forehead get so big?

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