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From Twitter 10-16-2010

  • Who is The Pup? Josie is The Pup! Who is The Pup? Josie is The Pup! Who's The Pup? Josie! Who's The Pup? Josie!!!
  • Well, that's the last time I leave the phone where the dog can get at it.
  • Holey Moley! A whole pile of cool REM songs for download on Rock Band! Jonathan Coulton, too!
  • What's the frequency, Kenneth? :-)
  • At TBBC. Watching the ballgame.
  • Great. Surrounded by loud-mouth Yankees haters.
  • Loud-mouth Yankees haters left a penny tip. Classy.
  • Everyone liked the way I played the part of Offstage Voice in rehearsal. 20 years of being heard and not seen have prepared me for this role
  • RT @Cschoenfeld: IT'S TIME! We're in the hospital. 8-9cm.

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