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From Twitter 10-09-2010

  • OMG! This morning is beautiful! No, not beautiful. This morning is downright SEXY!
  • Josie says this is perfect squirrel chasing weather. Today may be the day!
  • Josie's squirrel chase stats for today: 23 chased; 20 treed; 0 caught (But oh so close.)
  • would seriously like to see the Rays win the next three games in the ALDS. Then I could see the Yankees play at Tropicana Field again.
  • What the heck is gothic_cruse(sic)?
  • Owl City - Fireflies?!?! My Pandora station has gone completely off the rails! THUMBS DOWN! THUMBS DOWN!!!
  • The best part of baking is licking the spoon. Yes, I am still a just a big kid.
  • http://ping.fm/p/M4Ley - PIES!

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