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From Twitter 10-05-2010

  • There's a low-hanging, nearly new moon a rising.
  • Hey Soul Sister! Ain't that Mr. Mister on the radio?
  • Josie ate normally this morning. She hasn't had a meaningful poop in 24 hours, though. Expecting a tshitnami later.
  • RT @jobsitetheater: Use the code TIME to get $15 tix to any of the three remaining performances of Einstein's Dreams!
  • If she wants to prove she is not a witch, Christine O'Donnell's commercial should show she doesn't weigh the same as a duck.
  • I am happy that, unlike the past 30 or so workdays, today has not tried to kill me... yet.
  • RT @jobsitetheater: Final 3 performances! Don't miss us! Fri and Sat 8p, Sun 4p!

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