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REJOICE!!! PSL is Back!

REJOICE!!! PSL is Back!
Originally uploaded by TheOneBob

Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

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I finally tried on of these a couple weeks ago and holy cats it was sweet...

if they kept the spices and dumped half the sugar in it I might enjoy it but dang...

I suppose if I added a double shot to it that might also make it less teeth achingly sweet. but on it's own it is too much (for me)

so then, more for you :)

I think you can ask for half-sweet or no sugar.

see I like the amount of spice, but you get a half spice if you get half the sweet as it is just one of the syrups they use :/

Oh you evil man! I can't have that stuff right now. Too much caffeine will make the baby kick the hell out of me. Oh but soon......soon it shall be mine!

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