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From Twitter 09-18-2010

  • Had a great time last night. Hope pics get posted soon. Walking around Ybor with costumed heroes and villains needs to happen more often.
  • Looking for something to do this evening. Really wanted to get some of the new Oktoberfest brew at TBBC.
  • Addition to plans: TBBC at 6, Einstein's Dreams at 8. http://www.jobsitetheater.org
  • Mmmmmmm. Peanut butter and jelly sammich!
  • RT @JeanieFinlay Have just bid on a tiny tiny cello for my little girl. - Wouldn't that be called a violin?
  • Taking myself to TBBC for some Oktoberfest brew and Cheese and Ale dip. :-)
  • http://ping.fm/p/ZGQaw - Beer!
  • The TBBC Oktoberfest is quite tasty.
  • ZOMG! This TBBC sauerbraten is fantastic!
  • Waiting for Einstein's Dreams to begin. The place is PACKED!

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