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One year ago today.

One year ago, a huge pair of ears were born.  They came attached to a puppy who eventually became known as Empress Josephine the Diva (aka Josie, Josephiend, Diva Dog, Der Puppinator, Puppitron, Fuzzface, Fluffinator, Miss Josie, Miss Fiend and Fluffbucket.) 


The Empress demands you post birthday greetings and leave tributes of cheese and chew toys.

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Happy Birthday to the squeeable one:)

It's spelled Josiefiend!

Happy Birthday!

BTW, Bob was good to see you at Contempt. :)

too cute, happy b-day small one.

Hippo, Birdies, two ewes
Hippo, Birdies, two ewes
Hippo, Birdies, dear Empress...
Hippo, Birdies, two ewes!!

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