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William Shatner IS in the New Star Trek Movie, OKAY?

So knock off all the crying and carrying on.  You're only making him look bad.

J. J. Abrams is still a big meanie.

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Although I am anxious to see how this film turns out, I have no faith that they will revitalize this franchise. It has been so mismanaged in the past OI am actually surprised they are even given the funds to make this film.

I agree with you. It'll be nice for me as a fan to see but it's not going to be huge like Voyage Home or First Contact.

The desire for a nostalgic re-visitation of the art of our youth is a powerful impetus. I, for one, never felt that any of the films ever truly captured that certain je ne sais quoi that was the Star Trek of the early years...However, I have never been able to resist attending, just in case the latest cinematic Trek might be the exception to the trend, and I don't think this time will be any different. And no doubt it will leave me disappointed, yet again...sniffle...

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