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EULOGY FOR A PUPPY GIRL: Nine years ago today, a little ball of fluff and ears came into my life. The funny thing about this is, I wasn't sure that I wanted a dog at all. On top of that, when I was confronted with a choice of which puppy to bring home, Josie was not my first choice. I wanted the one that was cuddly and gave lots of kisses. Josie was kinda bossy, pushing the other puppies out of the way to get at the toys and treats. Since the choice was not mine alone, I was overruled. The ball of fluff and ears came home and became Empress Josephine, Major Diva, Josie, Puppy Girl, PuppyDoodle,and then she stole my heart.

Josie was indeed headstrong and bossy. She didn't always come when I called her. She was smart as a whip and she actually knew people's names and the names of her different toys and treats. She hardly ever fussed when she had to take her pills or vitamins and it became a morning ritual where she would sit on her chair and wait for her pills. She loved to take baths. She refused to do a lot of tricks, but knew that when I said "sit" or "leave it" I meant it. As one of her tee shirts said, she was "too cool for obedience school." Since she was a tiny dog with a tiny bladder, there were times she couldn't wait until I got home, but she always went in an approved spot. Never on the carpet. She was always deliriously happy to see me, even if I'd only been gone a couple of hours. She was perfect for me. I can only hope I was good enough for her.

Last week, she came home again. Her ashes have been sitting on her chair by the sliding door that looks out into the backyard. Squirrels and birds are happily dining at the feeder I put up in her memory. Tonight, I'll put her ashes up on the shelf next to her feline sister, Anime.

Good night, Josie. Sleep well. You were a good girl..