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From Twitter 04-09-2011

  • Karaoke at the Brew Garden tonight! C'mon out, I'd love to see ya. http://ping.fm/y19dP?eid=185237654852282
  • Outside temp is 88 degrees. Inside temp is 83 degrees and rising. A/C is feeble at best. Been waiting for maintenance for 2 hours. Bleah.
  • Maintenance just called. They went to the wrong apartment and fixed the A/C there. 'DOH!
  • Maint guy recharged the A/C and the difference was felt immediately. The plastic in the apt has stopped melting and so have I. ;-)
  • Not sure if I mentioned it before, a new couple moved in downstairs. They have a beagle puppy. The puppy's name is Darwin! :-)
  • When I heard they named formerly escaped @BronxZoosCobra 'Mia' I didn't get it until I saw the name in print. :-)
  • Having a great time at karaoke!

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