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From Twitter 12-11-2010

  • Two words: Banana Ketchup
  • Flying home today. Goth Cruise 7 is in the history books. Goth Cruise 8 is a mere 8 months away, kiddies!
  • Waiting in the Spirit Airlines ghetto. No one at the checkin except for a few cockroaches and a guy with a thin moustache selling coffee,
  • Believe it or not, there is still no one at the Spirit Airlines counter. We started singing protest songs. Eff you very much, Spirit.
  • Dear Spirit Airlines: When I become king, you are first against the wall. No love, me.
  • Finally.
  • Found Rob, Smurf, Mandy, Serge and P Paul at the airport. Ate lunch with them and then saw Chrix and Smiss at the gate.
  • It seems like I just keep saying goodbye.
  • The Spirit Airlines drones are all wearing Santa hats, but they all look grumpy. Like a bunch of angry elves
  • On the ground in Orlando
  • Home. Josie was waiting for me. I have to talk to the room steward; my bed was not properly turned down.

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